Analyzing Your Instagram Feed

There are more ways to know if your business Instagram is growing than by seeing how many “likes” your pictures receive. The Instagram app provides insights for businesses to analyze. These insights include data on: followers, impressions, posts, times, etc.



Knowing the age group and gender your business attracts is vital to growing your business’ social media. Fortunately, the Instagram insights provide businesses with percentages of which gender interacts more with the account, and it gives the areas that the majority of followers live in.



The “impressions” on the Instagram feedback allows the user to know how many people their post/account reached in the last 7 days. “Impressions” means how many people interacted with the post, “reach” means how many new or potential accounts they reached, and “profile views” tells the amount of people who viewed the profile. This data is a tremendous help to all businesses that strive to grow.



The analytics from Instagram also gives information about posts. For instance, how many likes/comments each post received, which posts are your most popular, etc. As a business, it is beneficial to know what works and what does not when it comes to posting.



Lastly, a crucial part of the Instagram analytics is the information given about times of day. Instagram tells you what your most popular and efficient times to post during each day of the week. Using this information and applying it to when you post is vital to growth.

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