Top Three Social Media Marketing Strategies

Although there are countless ways people strategize their content, we found three important approaches that will optimize your audience engagement and following! These strategies are sweepstakes hashtags, “tag a friend” content, and polls.

Sweepstakes hashtags are genius ways to not only get an audience viewing your page, but also a way to allow audiences to have fun and engage with your brand! This has been a fan favorite, and all of the successful Instagrams have done this strategy at one time or another. For example, singer celebrity Jessie James Decker told her fans to purchase her new album, post a picture of it for proof, and use the hashtag “flymejjd” in the caption for her to pick a winner to fly to see her in concert. By clicking on that hashtag, you can see that more than 1400 people participated in the sweepstakes! This strategy is efficient, easy to plan, and will guarantee a high engagement rate with your audience!

Another popular strategy people use is posting relatable “tag a friend” content. This is becoming increasingly popular, and the audience has too much fun with it. Anyone can participate, and it gives your brand a lighthearted, transparent vibe. We can agree that everyone is a fan of memes. When we see something funny, we can’t help but do as the caption says and tag a friend to share the laughter! Inserting pictures that are relevant to your brand and encouraging the audience to “tag a friend” is a great way to spread brand awareness without seeming overly promotional.

Last but not least, we can’t write this blog without talking about everyone’s newfound love, Instagram polls. These polls are a genius way of interacting with the audience while also receiving honest, straightforward feedback. Asking important questions directly to followers and getting direct answers helps brands in so many ways. It aids in planning for future content of what they know the audience will like based on their results. It’s also fun! You can ask serious, urgent questions, like which product should the company keep and get rid of for their next season, or you could be as lighthearted as you want, asking people if they stayed inside or outside during the weekend. Instagram polls are just another way to interact with the audience, and people can’t seem to get enough of it!

These are only a few marketing techniques  we’ve found to be efficient. Do you know of any that aren’t mentioned above? We would love to hear from you. You can reach The Burnette Agency by email at, visit us by visiting our contact us page or give us a call at 404-850-2081.