Increasing SEO

Increasing your company’s search engine optimization is pivotal to growing your business. There are a few, key ways in order to increase SEO, and they are all worth knowing and utilizing. Some of these ways include: publishing interesting and relevant content, updating posts frequently, writing blogs or creating podcasts, and using pictures in addition to text.


The content you create should be applicable to your business area and your expertise. For instance, if you work for a sports company them it would benefit your SEO by creating content based on athletes, sports equipment, athletic wear, etc. By making content relatable to your precise area, individuals will be more drawn to your content when searching on the internet.


Secondly, the more often you update your content and website, the more likely an individual will visit your website, explore your company, and engage in your content. Individuals search for new content, so constantly adding posts to your website will assist in increasing your SEO.


Adding a blog section to your website or creating a podcast series are just two simple ways to insure your company is creating content. Even if you only have time for one blog or podcast for each week, the more you can create and add to the internet, the more your SEO will increase. People love feeling connected to a brand, and blogs/podcasts help build and strengthen that connection.


Lastly, color and images catch the eye of a searcher; therefore, having more than just text in your content helps capture the attention of individuals. In addition to text, having a colorful header or a well positioned image next to the text can help keep the individual’s attention.


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