Know Your Audience

Audience is often overlooked when curating your social media. Thankfully, analytics and data can help businesses decipher their main audience so as to market towards them better. To truly know your audience on social media, make sure you follow these tips:


  1. Know the general age group of your followers. Most of the users on Instagram are 20 to 35 years old, so gearing your posts to more of what that age group tends to like will boost your interaction on social media. For instance, having an aesthetically pleasing, organized social media account is a large factor of whether or not a young individual will follow your account. Make sure you know the overall age group of your followers in order to market to their needs and wants.

  2. Know whether your audience is majority female or male. If your audience is majority male, it would not be wise to post captions or pictures that the majority of males do not relate to. For instance, if you own a clothing brand and your audience is mostly males, you should not post only female clothing brands. In order to entice followers, you must direct your social media in the direction of your audience.

  3. Know your prime times. Most likely, the majority of your audience works during the day. While people are working, they do not get the luxury of checking their social media very often. This may not seem vital to knowing your audience, but believe me it is! If you post on social media during the middle of common work hours, then most people will not have a chance to see or interact with your post, and it will get lost in the abyss which is the social media feed. Posting after normal work hours are done is the most beneficial to your social media!


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