How to Create a Cohesive Instagram Aesthetic

It’s safe to say that social media has officially taken over the world. We are in the age of sharing everything with our followers, from where we go during the day to the exact meal we eat at night. There’s pretty much nothing that’s off limits anymore, which can be cool but a little scary at times.  Everyone on social media, and especially on Instagram, wants to have the most visually appealing feed, but they don’t know how to get their social media visitors to turn to followers. It’s not as hard as you think to achieve!

The first thing you need to think about is, why do you want people to look at your feed? What’s the purpose of it? Whether it’s food, travel, or even just daily aesthetically pleasing pictures, you need to have a consistent brand.

After deciding on the purpose of your feed, it’s  important to choose a basic color scheme or color palette. This helps make your stockpile of images and videos look like one curated collection. Otherwise, your feed will become disconnected and the aesthetic will be jumbled.

Having visually appealing photos is extremely important when creating an Instagram aesthetic. Captions and wording are also important to your audience, but the visual aspects of are what sink in first. If your audience doesn't like what they see when they first look at your post, they aren't going to continue to look further.

Next, you’re going to want to make sure that all photos are edited before they are posted on your feed. It is completely possible to do this with your phone and still have it look professional, and there are multiple free apps like VSCO and Afterlight that are available to download to achieve this. These apps will help you adjust your photos coloring, exposure, contrast, etc.

Lastly, in order to drive engagement on your post, you should be using the proper hashtags and changing them up with each different post. This means that you should always only use hashtags that make sense. If your starting a food account and you tag a post with #foodie, for example, then your post should be something that a food lover or food blogger will actually like and want to share. This is a perfect way to grow your following and earn higher engagement!

By pulling all of these elements together you are bound to create the perfect cohesive Instagram aesthetic and grow your IG account!