Tabita: Our New Graphic Designer

Hi Everyone,  

I am a recent graduate of Mercer University where I studied English Literature, Journalism and Graphic Design. Creativity, experimentation and learning are at the core of who I am. As The Burnette Agency’s new graphic designer, I’m the go-to for all of our client’s graphic design, web, and email marketing needs. I’m is always ready to jump in and try something new!

Before I knew I’d go on to study literature in college, language had always played an important role in my life. I grew up learning two languages: that which my parents spoke and English which I learned in school. Although it didn’t always come easy (read: I got a D in first grade reading class), after picking up my first book of fairy tales I knew literature was what I’d study in school. Since being out of school, I’ve never stopped reading and taking part in the magic and mystery of books. Along the way I found a few other loves in design and art. I’m always creating and learning - it’s what drives me!

Creativity and innovation is what drew me to The Burnette Agency. In my role here I hope to bring new and creative content to our clients feeds and your inboxes.

When I’m not in the office, you can find me exploring Atlanta, lost in a book, listening to my favorite podcast, experimenting with film photography, or figuring out what I want to try out next!