Photography Editing for Social Media

The majority of pictures on social media are edited in some way; in addition, well edited pictures usually receive more attention from followers. A business should strive for more interaction with social media posts and, to achieve this, it should edit their photographs.

Occasionally the phrase “edited picture” has negative connotations because of unrealistic photoshop and false advertisements. But photograph editing is not always wrong; in fact, done correctly, editing can enhance a company's follower amount and publicity. There are user friendly apps, such as VSCO, that bring your photograph from ammateur to professional in just a few clicks. The main focuses of editing a picture for social media should be: clarity, brightness, and color.

The reason photographers snap 20+ pictures of the same shot is so they can choose from many options. If you only take one picture and it is blurry, then you might have to post a blurry picture, and this is where the importance of clarity is introduced. Clarity of a photograph is almost synonymous with professionalism. On most editing applications, you can make sure your photograph is crystal clear so it is easier to decipher on social media.

In addition to clarity, the correct brightness of a photograph is vital. If a photograph is too dark, social media users will most likely not interact with the post because the image might be indecipherable. The same goes for photographs washed out by too much brightness. Altering the brightness to the correct amount can make or break a social media post.

Lastly, the color or hue of a photograph can greatly boost or inhibit your social media post. Having the same filter or color scheme to your posts will create a consistency in your feed that followers appreciate. Some feeds tend to have warmer colored photos, while other feeds have cooler colored photographs.

Whichever editing style speaks to you, make sure it is balanced! Stay up to date with social media tips by reading our blogs!