The Power of Squarespace

When it comes to establishing an online presence and creating a stunning website, we always recommend two options for our clients: Squarespace or Shopify! We love Shopify for our clients who plan to sell their products online with an e-commerce site, but if the primary purpose of the website is not to sell, Squarespace is our top choice! Though Squarespace does have the option to sell, we love it for its stunning layouts, seamless designs, ease of use, and captivating displays of information!

Here are just a few reasons we love to use Squarespace to showcase our amazing Atlanta-based businesses!

1. Versatile Templates

No matter what type of business you run, Squarespace has a variety of expertly curated templates to showcase your brand in the best way possible! There are templates specifically designed for restaurants, creative professionals, media/marketing businesses, entrepreneurs, and so much more! No matter which template you choose, you still have the ability to incorporate design elements that you may see on another template!

2.  Stunning Design

One of Squarespace’s amazing features is its stunning design and captivating display! Compared to many other web hosting platforms, it has an incredibly quick load time while still maintaining a crisp, high resolution display of imagery. Features like full-bleed imagery (shown in templates like Pacific) create an immersive digital experience for viewers to be able to take in the entire essence of what makes your business and products amazing!

3. Functionality

Functionality is at the forefront of why we highly recommend Squarespace! Whether you are connecting your social media accounts, creating a lightbox photo gallery, a video banner, or a customer information form, there are so many building elements that can help to create the perfect website for your business! Squarespace also has built-in mobile website versions with each template so that your customers can receive the same amazing experience whether they are on their desktop or their iPhone.

Are you ready to establish a digital presence to showcase your amazing brick and mortar business? We can help from concept, design, and maintenance - contact us today!