The Importance of Color Schemes on Instagram

The goal for Instagram marketing will pretty much always stay the same: to form real engagement with your audience. However, to get your potential audience members to engage, you must  first capture their attention. That’s where color schemes come in handy.

Color schemes may sound like an insignificant part of digital marketing, but they make a world of  difference. Ever been on an Instagram that has had high quality pictures, but the overall theme was a jumbled mess? Chances are you have, and that’s because many people underestimate the power of color schemes.

To attract mass followers, an Instagram account must have a common theme, or a sense of unity. That being said, people typically don’t follow accounts that are random, because they will have no idea what to expect. Color scheming gives a brand both identity and harmony. When the audience enjoys the consistent voice that the Instagram account is communicating, they won’t worry about each individual post. They will focus more on the overarching theme of your page.

Now that we know how essential color schemes can be, we wanted to throw out some helpful tips new accounts can use to have an attractive Instagram. First, focus on tone. Make sure  when you’re looking at your Instagram account as a whole, that some photos aren’t significantly more saturated than others. Feeds look best when the tone is set the same all around!

Another tip would be to have a splash of the same color in all of your photos. This really does make a difference when looking at your Instagram feed from a larger standpoint. A shade of blue in all of your photos would make the color pop and make your Instagram look more put together!

Coming up with a voice for your Instagram can be fun, and the most effective way to attract an audience is to do it by color scheming! Do you have any thoughts on color scheming or techniques you use to make your Instagram more aesthetically pleasing? Let us know! We would love to hear from you. To learn more about The Burnette Agency and the services we offer, please visit us at -