Behind The Logo


“What is that!?”   It is not uncommon for people to ask what our logo is, what it stands for, or what it means. Some may not agree with the philosophy of logo obscurity, but I love the fact that our logo is a conversation starter and enjoy explaining the meaning behind it. The blue oblong structure you see is actually a 3-D lower case b.

I knew from the moment I saw the logo that it perfectly represented The Burnette Agency. The 3-D ‘b‘ shows the creativity of who we are. Its soft edges show our flexibility and willingness to work with clients. And the color, blue, stands for our depth and trustworthiness.

Creating a logo is no simple matter. It takes a vision from the organization and a designer who is willing to stop at nothing to bring that vision to life. Hundreds of companies have logos that started out with no meaning to its consumers. But with consistent brand awareness campaigns, and compelling messaging, many brands have mastered the art of instant logo recognition.

Our hope is that The Burnette Agency and the work we do for our clients will be as unique and as much of a conversation starter as our logo.  Make sure to stay tuned to see how we use the ‘b’ to generate brand awareness.


- The Burnette Agency Team