The Impact + Importance of Social Media Data


The Impact + Importance of Social Media Data Here at The Burnette Agency, we are little bit obsessed with data. So it comes as no surprise, that we literally track and measure every aspect of what we do for our clients. Keeping data to many may seem intimidating or just daunting. But it really doesn’t have to be! Social media data in particular is one of our favorites as it is readily available at our fingertips. Here are three reasons why we think you should take data seriously.


  1. Track Your Clients Social Media Growth

Every client is different but they will all want to know how social media is benefiting their company/organization. Whether you are tracking likes, follows or posts interaction, knowing the rate at which your clients social media is growing can be a huge benefit for both parties.


  1. Grow Your Business

Potential clients love stats! This reigns true for any business but especially when you’re talking about social media. Other organizations want to know what you are capable of doing and want to see how you have helped others grow their brand. Keeping the data on all facets of your client work will only help you to better build a case on why social media is important and necessary.


  1. Understand Your Audience

Whether you realize it or not, your audience gives you the key to success.   The more you post, the more you are able to recognize trends. Do your clients respond better to questions, videos, motivational posts, etc.? Understanding your audience is vital and can be a secret weapon in helping you to consistently grow your following.


Data is important and necessary for future strategic growth. Make sure you are taking time to look over your social data so that you can take the necessary steps to optimize your reach. You won’t regret it.


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- The Burnette Agency Team