The New Layout


The New Layout Collages are not new.  Since the dawn of the digital era and our desire share every waking moment of our lives, collages have been an easy way to fit as much as we can into one picture.  Thankfully, there are a multitude of apps that can assist us with our digital collages. And, it looks like we have one more that we can welcome on to the scene, Layout.

Layout is a new app produced by Instagram that allows you to place all of your photos into a single image.   Once you open up the app, you are able to choose several photos and the format/arrangement in which you would like them shown. From here, you can flip mirror or change the image before posting on on the social platform of your choice.

There is nothing innovative or terribly interesting about this app. But, it is created by Instagram so the ease in which you can use the app with existing programs is convenient. Plus, we won’t have to worry about those pesky mandated outside logos or app promotions.

Check out Layout and let us know what you think!  Try integrating this into your marketing strategy to showcase several of your products!  Don’t miss out!

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