Take Your Conversation OFF of Twitter


Conversation Off Twitter The concept is pretty simple! Don’t have a full-blown conversation with your friends, colleagues, enemies, etc. on Twitter. Twitter is supposed to be used as a micro blog, where individuals, groups or brands come to share tidbits of information that link you back to longer stories or spark a specific conversation of interest. From international news, to sports, to social change, Twitter has become the number one source of news and information for a multitude of topics. So when you start to have a conversation with Sally, Joe or Sue on your timeline, it starts to throw people off.

Utilizing Twitter properly can be subjective. No one can tell you how to use it or what to use it for. That truly is the beauty of social media.  But, if you are trying to grow your twitter following stay away from the back and forth conversations with your friends that are riddled with inside jokes, weekend shenanigans, or random thoughts. Find your niche and really expand upon that. People want value added information when they follow you. Not an insight into your everyday private relationships.

As a rule of thumb keep your conversation to a maximum of two tweets. After that, please move your conversation to a smartphone near you.


The Burnette Agency Team