What To Know About Facebook Retargeting Ads

If your company is not utilizing Facebook retargeting ads, you are missing out. For years, Google has been the main source for retargeted advertising. But as Facebook continues to evolve, so do their capabilities. Google retargeting ads are extremely important and should continue to be used if you are seeing strong results. However, Facebook retargeting ads can be more cost efficient, user friendly and provide an organic feel for users.


Retargeting Ads can be extremely successful when properly included in your marketing strategy. But, unlike Google, with Facebook you can be more specific when honing in on your target audience. You can pinpoint proper demographics to help your ad populate to an even wider audience and even interact with potential customers through comments and messaging.


Google remarketing is tried and true. Your ad will run and follow your customers around the web. People trust the platform and companies have seen amazing results. But, there is nothing wrong with advertising on social platforms as well. Facebook is really challenging Google with their growing advertisement capabilities. And if your audience uses Facebook and you have the opportunity to populate in their newsfeeds, try it out and see what types of results your ad generates.


The following on social media grows each and every day. And as social media platforms continue to integrate paid marketing as an option for brands, you have nothing to lose by advertising on multiple platforms. Follow your customers around the web and interact with them as much as you can!  Either way, you can’t go wrong


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