Is Your 'News' Newsworthy?

Is your news, newsworthy?

That is one of the first questions we ask when working with clients. Every story is not going to get published, and every story is not worth being in the news. You have to be real with yourself when you think about what makes your brand or your story different.


There are many components to identifying if your story is worth the pitch. But your story must have at least one of these 5 components before it is ready to be pitched to reporters.



Make sure that your story is relevant. Don’t ever send a journalist something that happened last week. If it is happening now or going to happen soon, you are in good shape.



Will your story affect the viewer? Does it have an angle that is going to wow the audience? Stories with an impact or a surprising component are always of interest to the reader.



If the event is happening near you, it is worth a pitch to the proper reporter. You don’t want to pitch a Tampa event to the South Carolina market. If there is no connection in the area where you are pitching, identify where the story will generate local interest and pitch it to the proper publications.



Don’t downplay any well-known individual that has a connection to your story. If you have a big name, your story may become news worthy just because they are a part of it. Don’t be shy! Use it to your advantage.


Human Interest

If there is a strong human-interest component to your story then it might be a perfect pitch. News that pulls on the heartstrings often times can transcend the time, impact and proximity components of your press release and has an even better chance of being covered.

Make sure your story has one of the above components before investing in a public relations firm.


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