Simple Steps to Increase Homepage Exposure

Last week, we discussed the basics of SEO. Now, let's get a little more specific.

Home pages provide the first glimpse into your brand as well as what you offer. And we all know first impressions make exceptional impacts on your reputation's trajectory. Now, quality is important, but what good is having a tip-top site if no one knows about it?

How do you get your name out there, then? Read on to learn more about 2 easy steps you can take to increase your brand awareness.

First, Optimize Your Title

  • The ultimate aim of increasing exposure concludes with your homepage link appearing at the top of search engines. 
  • To start, write your brand name first in your website title.
  • Then, follow up with keywords you want people to affiliate your brand with. Doing this will optimize them and will increase the chances of your brand being included in the results whenever people search those keywords.
  • Keep your title at 55 characters or less. Using anymore than that will make a "..." appear on your title in search engines, possibly hiding vital information from clients.

Next, Optimize Your Meta Description

  • Meta description conveys information regarding who your brand is, what you do and why viewers should choose you over everyone else. Keep that last point in mind.
  • Similar to the title, put your brand name either first or near the beginning of your meta description. Major brands, such as ESPN, Hilton Hotels and Uber Eats all do it.
  • Then, rather than focusing too much on keywords, also write the outcomes your viewers/potential clients can expect to achieve if they click your website. Do you pride yourself in providing top-notch dry-cleaning service? That's what you write. Do you offer free shipping and handling along with a 100-day free trial period? Let the people know!
  • Finally, keep your description no longer than 155 characters. Why? Refer to the last bullet point in the "Title" section above.

We hope you learned valuable tips on how you can increase your brand awareness through optimizing your Title and MetaDescription. Let us know in the comment section any other topic you'd like us to cover!

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