The Importance of Color in Branding

In 2018’s competitive market and an especially competitive digital/social landscape, the proper branding is essential. Branding consists of giving your business a distinct aesthetic, voice, and recognizable mental image for your customers. If a customer saw a website, image, social account, graphic, or any other marketing material, they should be able to recognize that it is your brand based on the aesthetic.

So, what is one of the easiest way to swiftly communicate your brand image? COLOR.

Your brand should have a distinct, unique color palette that accurately represents your business and your target demographic. This color palette ranges from your brand’s 2-4 core colors used in your logo, marketing materials, and website, and also extends into the color mood of your social media profiles, especially Instagram.

Have you ever overheard individuals talking about their Instagram theme? This refers to the overall mood of their grid (collective images as you click on their profile). As Instagram becomes more saturated and a bigger traffic/sales channel, it is imperative your profile becomes less of a hodgepodge of images and more of a brand mood board, and maintaining a consistent color palette will help you achieve that.

For example, let’s say you have a trendy swimsuit brand. You probably are going to be posting a lot of images with a beach, pool, etc. and your overall communication is promoting the idea of summer and/or travel to sunny destinations. So, you would want your mood/Instagram aesthetic to be bright, with vibrant, saturated colors. Blue will be a prevalent color because of water shots, and yellow because of the sun. You may want to consider hot pink as your third main color, as you incorporate summer inspired elements like berries, watermelon, beach accessories, and more. To keep your grid light and bright, you would want to make sure the underlying color in each shot is very light, like white or a washed out blue. This will tie together each image in your grid, even though they may have different standout colors.

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